Bio-Degradable Home Insulation
Bio-Degradable Home Insulation<
We manufacture Bio-Degradable Home Insulation from Agricultural Waste and Mycelium.

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These are our Key Features


We use IOT for environmental controls and document each step of the manufacturing process.

Love for the Environment

Our product is bio-degradable. This adds less strain to the ecosystem and more impact to our customer's conscience.

Unit Economics

Our research has provided us enough data that we believe we can ship our product at a lower unit price.

Circular Economy

Our product uses Agricultural Waste and fungi for manufacture. At the end of the Life Cycle, it can be used as fertilizer for agriculture.

We know what the customer wants.

Our Customers want a closer bond to nature in their homes. Thus, Chyau.Bio leans on nature for its inspiration. We use raw materials from nature, we employ mycelium as our primary workers and we manufacture sustainable, renewable and biodegradable insulation. Our business model is based on leveraging the waste and the disgarded to provide home insulation to our customers at Unit Price. Since 2019, our team has been researching on cutting down costs in terms of production and maintaining consistency of our manufacturing process.

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The ones who run this company


Gunjan Ghimire

Mechanical Engineer

Gunjan has experience in the HVAC Sector and runs a Podcast.


Sunny Rajopadhya

Business and Marketing

Sunny is an awesome entrepreneur. He has a solid portfolio in sustainable startup sector.


Pallab Shrestha

Mechanical Engineer

Pallab is a Mid-Career Professional from Japan. He has years of Engineering experience under his belt.



Team Mascot

He is a fictional character but keeps us grounded.

Our Advisors

The Key People who have been Supportive to Us since our Start


Suman Pokharel

Bio-Tech PHD Candidate

Suman has advised us in many troublesome and fortunate situations. He is a reliable guide for us.


Dr. Ramesh Pandey

Biotechnology Research Scientist

Dr.Pandey has decades of experience from his research in India, Nepal, Korea and US.


Padmakshi Rana, PhD

Manufacturing Management Expert

Dr. Rana has experience in manufacturing management and it has been vital in our lean manufacturing research.


Sharda Khanal Ghimire

Lecturer, Rural Development

Mrs. Ghimire has years of experience in Rural Development which has helped us improve our Value Chain.


This is our Progress So far!

Our First Success
Drying the Product
A 3D Printed Wedge
Frugal Innovation
Heat Treated Particle
Water Absorbtion Failure
Structural Integrity Test
At Work!

Our Tree Plantation Initiative

We have partnered with several organizations for a Tree plantation project. Please visit their website with the link below to know more.

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Lets get in touch. Send us a message:

Lalitpur, Province-3, Nepal

Phone: +977 9861389838